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Energy Management

Several of the largest energy consumption areas in a home/office are heating & cooling, appliance energy, lighting and water/gas usage.  Cinemaffect offers simple, scalable solutions to address all these energy hogs—and many more—both for the new construction and retrofit market.

Imagine having your motorized shades automatically open during the day —based on the sun’s position—allowing in natural light to heat your home in the winter or automatically blocking heat and light during the summertime.  Imagine having your thermostat readjust its temperature based around your family’s lifestyle during the week and on weekends.  Imagine living in a smart home where you never have to remember if you left a light on in an unoccupied room (not just your bathroom).  With the touch of one button or click of the mouse, imagine being able to shut off all phantom-power devices during non-critical times or extended vacation periods.  Imagine receiving a utility bill lower than it has ever been after employing these energy management solutions.  Imagine no more.  That time is here!

Cinemaffect understands intimately why homeowners feel the need to reduce their carbon footprint, and we balance that desire with the knowledge and know-how to help them implement this process without breaking the bank.  Cinemaffect also works closely with architects and builders desiring to execute such energy-effeciency ideas into their LEED certified commercial projects.